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Before 21st December 2012, insurers also took in the gender as a factor when issuing the insurance for cars. However the law making authorities changed all that. Now the gender is not taken into factor when determining the car insurance premiums. Now all of the car insurance companies insure the men and women for same insurance premiums.
Before this new law, females tend to pay less car insurance as they have better safety records when compared with men. According to a Provisional Review of Road Crashes, nearly 70 percent of the car crashes around the world were made by men.

All this changed when the European Court of Justice deemed the less charging of insurance premiums for cars as a breach of Gender equality. Due to this, law makers introduced the Gender Equalization Legislation for insurance products.

Savings can be still made:-

This law does not mean that women cannot make good deals on their car insurances. Ladies can shop around many insurance companies for ca insurances and savings can be still made.
According to insurance companies, women are generally safer drivers than men and insurance coamp0nies do reward safer drivers than unsafe ones.

So ladies who have a clean license to their names with zero penalty points and also have not made any prior claims to their insurance, they can get lower premium rates.

TO reduce Premium payments:-

  • Ladies can also get lower premium costs if they carry out following things.
  • Reducing their mileage
  • Increasing policy excess
  • Many car insurance policy companies also offer discount on new car policies for ladies if the polices are purchased
  • online. The off prices can be up to 14 percent.

Other factors to consider when purchasing car insurance policy:-

Price is not the only factor that is to be taken in consideration when getting the car insurance. The purpose of insurance policy is to cover any unforeseen future circumstance. Insurers usually give many befits and a wide range of features to provide the policy holder peace of mind for covering the following incidents.
A great car insurance company usually provides its customers with some of the following features and benefits.

Breakdown assistance:-

The breakdown assistance offers the assistance in case of emergencies. This feature is usually an optional cover feature.

Cove for personal items and clothing:-

This is also another optional cover of car insurance policy. This cover means that insurance company will pay for the following items that are in or on your car at time of theft, fire or accidents.
Mobile phones
Hearing aids and many other things

Courtesy Car:-

If your car meets an accident and is in garage for repair, then most insurance companies also offer a courtesy car for your transportation needs. This is usually an A class car for 5 days period.

Windscreen cover:-

Most car insurance companies also offer the cover for all the glasses in case of accidents which includes the sunroof as well. Mirrors and lights are however excluded from this optional cover.

NCB (No Claim bonus Protection):-

If an insurer chooses for the No Claim Bonus protection in their car insurance program, there no NCB amount will not be reduced in the following cases.
More than one claim occurs in every 3 years period
Windscreen damage will not affect the NCB

Choosing the cover that suits you:-

Although car insurance companies nowadays do not offer less premium cover rates for female drivers, ladies can still shop around on many online Car Insurance companies with great track record to avail savings on their insurance policies. Above stated additional and optional coverage can be availed by ladies if they opt to purchase their car insurance policies from company’s official websites.

Updated: September 25, 2021 — 5:37 pm

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