Russia Gosloto 4/20 Results Thursday 25 November 2021

The Russia-based Stoloto holds its Gosloto 4/20 draws daily at 10:00 am (Moscow time), 13:00, 16:00, and at 22:00.

The draws are held every day by the largest distributor of state lotteries in Russia. In Stoloto, the Russia Gosloto 4/20 draws are held at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, and 22:00 Moscow Time (1 hr. ahead of South Africa).

Following are the winning numbers/results of Russia Gosloto 4/20 for Thursday 25 November 2021

10:00 – 14 01 16 09 | 15 11 17 05

As with all Russia Gosloto 4/20 draws, the jackpot heading into this latest draw stood at a considerable amount of руб 256.9 million. For this latest draw, the Gosloto 4/20 stood at the amount of руб 256.9 million.

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About Russian Gosloto 4/20 Results:

The draw takes vicinity each day, and one ticket charges 100 rubles or approximately USD 1.75. Each coupon includes fields -1 and a few of. A player has to select and enter 4 numbers in the number one discipline and 4 numbers inside the opposite. So on win the foremost prize, i.E. Supersize, a player has to suit seven numbers. Because there are eight numbers to in shape, there are extra prize ranges than in video games.

Gosloto 4/20 Hot and Cold Numbers

Gosloto 4/20 Hot and Cold numbers are one of the main ways to make predictions for Gosloto 4/20. This indicates how frequently or infrequently a number is drawn. As a result, players use these hot and cold numbers to predict what numbers will be drawn for the Russia Gosloto 4/20 results.

Who to play Gosloto 4/20:

The draw takes area every day at 22.00, widespread time in Moscow. You can’t buy a price ticket later than till 21. Forty (Moscow time), at that point the sale is discontinued due to protection reasons. Tickets purchased after now won’t participate within the upcoming and can be moved to subsequent days.

Notes to remember:

The speed at which you grasp it depends specifically on the value of the prize. If you win, you can withdraw it. Retail outlets can withdraw a prize of up to 2,000 rubles. Solo to transfers higher amount prizes (2001 to 10,000 rubles) to a bank account as soon as the documents are sent. Bank transfers are used to pay handsome amounts.

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